Decluttering Day 2: Master Bedroom Closet Part 2


Yesterday was all about cleaning out the junk from the wardrobe.  Today I stood in front of my full closet once again…pondered for about 10 seconds…then yelled for my husband.  Cameron literally raised his hands in the air exclaiming “halelujah” when I asked him if he would help me decide what was sexy or not… I guess he’s been waiting a while for me to get out of the SAHM trap.  

Now when I say sexy I don’t mean stelleto’s, fishnet stockings, short skirt and tube top, I mean cute, confident, presentable.  I love to please my husband and there’s just the right sound that comes from a perfectly fit pair of jeans when he playfully spanks my booty.  Seriously… When I’m trying on jeans he has to test it every time to make sure it rings well.  There’s the right fit in the top that accentuates my hour glass figure that invites him to wrap his arms around my waist and plop a sweet smackeroo on my lips…maybe even enough to get the kids to say “ewwwwww!”  You don’t need low cut tops and hiked up skirts to be sexy.  Read Songs of Solomon if you don’t think sexy is ok… “Breasts like a gazelle” come on now that’s sexy.  

He plopped himself down on the bed and I pulled one item out at a time.  I was surprised by how many items I had that he loved and some items I loved but he hated.  There was only one shirt I kept that I loved and he didn’t.  If he didn’t know right away I tried it on so he could say yay or nay.  It took us about a half hour because of the trying on part…and honestly it was probably the highlight of his day to see me take my shirt and pants off so many times ☺️.  He’s such a good husband.  


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I want to shift the focus a little because I want to make it clear that it’s NOT the clothes that makes me feel beautiful, or why Cameron thinks I’m beautiful, it’s what’s inside that reflects the “what should I wear today” decision.  And this may not be the same for you!  Everyone is different but I know many of you will relate to me when I say: If my heart feels frumpy I’ll dress frumpy.  If my heart feels sexy I’ll dress sexy.  If my heart feels jealous I’ll try to dress to impress others.  If I’m going for a job interview I will dress in a way that makes me feel confident.  The end goal is to limit my choices so that the choices may influence my heart!  


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The enemy wants to use every sneaky little tool to put a wedge between marriages.  It seems silly to say that the clothes I wear can drive a wedge between Cameron and I but, obviously, by the way Cameron responded with a “halelujah”, it has!  He loves me no matter what I’m wearing but my heart is in a different place when I make frumpy choices.  I have let my mood dictate the rest of the day with one frumpy choice in the morning and that’s not the way I want to live my life.  

It’s all about balance and making good decisions to set yourself up for success in the heart.  


So I got rid of one more full bag of clothes!  I now have a total of 4 loads of laundry eliminated from my life.  Can I get an amen?!  

I also made the decision after 16 years to let go of my high school prom dress.  It was the first fancy dress that a boy bought me…that boy became my husband!  I don’t need the dress because I have him!  (But the gold hanger is a stayin’ because she’s purdy)  I also think that the reason I was holding onto this dress was because I was so tiny in high school and it was a shaming reminder of weight gain.  I have since learned that I’m beautiful where I am no matter what I weigh and I can let go of that shame.    

“Thank you prom dress for serving your purpose.  I really hope you don’t become a twisted haloween costume in the future.” 

Along with the prom dress went a bridesmaid’s dress that served in two weddings, including my mom’s wedding last year.  Even though the dress is absolutely beautiful and very versatile, I want to be honest with myself.  If there’s a fancy event I need to attend, knowing myself, I’ll want to find something fancy and new.  I think the dress has had a good life and is ready for a new home as well.   


I also wanted to simplify even more and so I put all of the spring clothes away.  It’s not spring here until March so it’ll be a nice surprise to pull my spring clothes out then. Until then they’re just cluttering up the closet!    


And what I’m left with is 50 hanging items! It really is the perfect amount to easily and quickly chose from in the mornings. I know everything fits well, sets my heart in the right direction for the day, and is pleasing to hubby’s eyes. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

I made a list of some items I need for winter and I’ll start looking for them when the sales hit so I get the best bang for my buck but I have more than enough now to look as cute as button.

Tomorrow is accessories, jewelry and makeup!  My bag will be a little smaller because the items are smaller but the impact will be just as liberating I’m sure!  

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