Decluttering: A Little Less Martha and a Little More Mary

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of kids toys, Tupperware, LAUNDRY??? !!


We’re getting ready to move (more on that story to come!) and quite honestly I would rather get rid of everything we own and start new.  But that ain’t happenin’ folks.  

Last year I participated twice in a 40 bags in 40 days challenge. Both times it was liberating and this year’s latest declutter trend is the KonMari method.  You basically get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy”.  Marie Kondo has amazing tips to help simplify your life like pulling everything out and putting it into a giant pile on the floor, thus forcing yourself to become overwhelmed so you truly grasp the depth of your illness (my words not hers lol).  You say “thank you” to your items for serving their purpose as you wish them good luck on their next adventure.  

As a Christian woman I’m reminded of the story of Martha and Mary in Luke.  Jesus comes over and Martha is busy cleaning and preparing food and Mary is soaking up the Messiah’s presence.  Martha gets irritated with Mary because she’s not helping and Jesus says “Martha, Martha…you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”


Sometimes I feel like all of these earthly treasures that I’m “stewarding” are crowding out my inner Mary, preventing me from just dwelling in His presence…or in the presence of my family…or in the presence of my friends!  

Ya feel me?!

In our new home I want it to be a sanctuary!  We have lived next door to the church we pastor for 5 years and have never felt like this is a resting place.  While we gladly serve and are honored to provide a cup of coffee and some oatmeal to the homeless person who knocks on our door at 2 am…even Jesus emphesizes the importance of secluded rest (Luke 5:16).  Couple that with an always chaotic home because of the toys, the clothes, the…well….crap…I’m so ready to just let it go!  And if there’s less crap to clean up then Martha will be less likely to show up!!  

So will you join me?!  For the next 40 days let’s let go of 40 bags of Martha.  Ha!  Spend 15 minutes and fill a bag/box whatever works for you and donate it to the goodwill, have a yard sale in March, or donate it to your local homeless shelter.  Be creative!  Bless someone else!   And in the end you will have blessed yourself and your family.
Here are some things I ask myself along the way:

  1. Is keeping this item more valuable than the emotional stress that comes along with its clutter? Emotional value is worth more than monetary value. (You don’t really need a drawer full of rubber bands that tend to spill all over the place when you grab just one and then have to spend 30 seconds putting them back where they go right?! How many rubber bands does one actually use in a year anyway. Really. Lol)
  2. Does it bring me joy? Sure I love sleeping in those PJ’s with holes in them but honestly it brings me more joy to throw something on to make hubby think twice about “sleeping” (“if you know what I mean”) 😉😉
  3. I reward myself every week with something helpful or pretty. As I’m cleaning out I also think of things that need organizing properly so I’ll treat myself to a goodwill trip for a new basket or maybe that lamp is broken and needs replacing. Go ahead! Spend $15 on a new lamp.  

Self conscious:  “Or how about buying a new set of PJ’s, Mary…”

Ooh!  Good idea!

We weren’t created to have so much stuff that it clutters up what life is really about. 

Tomorrow’s project is the master bedroom closet!  Link up or leave a comment below!  I’d love to see pictures of your progress.



  1. Andee

    Love this! Physical clutter = mental clutter.
    I literally just went through my closet and decluttered (3 big garbage bags full). I also went through playroom toys and ended up with a box or 2 to donate-although the kids kept sneaking toys back out of the boxes!

    I’m excited to see what other things I can get rid of and how I can simplify! Lets do this!

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